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  • Dr. Jen Sims, DC on NBC4 on COVID-19 Antibody Testing

    On NBC 4 Washington News, Dr. Jen Sims, DC discusses the importance of COVID-19 antibody testing and the new COVID-19 antibody test at-home collection kit that can detect different types of antibodies developed after exposure to the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Call Dr. Jen at 703-975-9144 to learn more about COVID-19 Antibody testing. […]

  • Dr. Jen Featured
    on PBS Ageless Health

    This health documentary features Dr. Jennifer Sims and her work at the Roselle Center for Healing. As a natural health practitioner and integrative medicine specialist for over 16 years, Dr. Jen has found her passion in working with children who are struggling with digestive issues, allergies, ADHD and other conditions that often can mimic emotional or behavioral disorders.

  • 3 Simple Ways to Help Your Body Detoxify

    Do you want to do a “detox” but are not quite ready to make the commitment, or you don’t feel like you have the time to “do it the right way?” Take a deep breath and know you can help your body enhance its detoxification processes without making any drastic changes.